On Heroku, every second costs.

When your staging and review apps run 24/7, you’re racking up costs month after month. But chances are, you don’t need every app all the time.

Here’s how it works


When an app is inactive for 30 minutes, AutoIdle puts it to sleep. Without you lifting a finger.


If the app receives an HTTP request, AutoIdle reactivates it. With the same dyno count and active processes present.


See your Heroku bill shrink immediately. You’re only paying for the time you’re actively using the app.

You will save a lot of your costs on Heroku

Try out our calculator and get an accurate forecast


Discovering AutoIdle was a small blessing. It's enabled us to reduce our costs across dev environments by a non-trivial fraction. I love that we can run dynos at parity across deployments without having to pay the production price everywhere.
Huge fan!

Ben Lopatin - CTO at Muster