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Automatically put your staging and review apps to sleep

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How much money can you save?

Our customers save $1,928/yr on average

Do you use multiple Dyno types or multiple plans?

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Saving you between $50 and $200 per year

$2/ mo
  • Hobby Dyno Types
  • Unlimited Dynos
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Saving you between $150 and $690 per year

$10/ mo
  • Standard Dyno Types
  • Unlimited Dynos
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Saving you between $2100 and $7500 per year

$50/ mo
  • Performance Dyno Types
  • Unlimited Dynos
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You're in great company

AutoIdle is one of those great little apps that you activate and then just forget about it. It literally saves you a ton of money and lets you stop wasting resources.
Michael Koper — Founder of Nusii
I noticed AutoIdle on twitter and it was immediately obvious to me that was what I was looking for to save money on unused Heroku staging apps. AutoIdle is amazing add-on solving a real problem in a simple way without additional configuration, just install it. I highly recommend it!
Artur Trzop — Founder of


Why does AutoIdle exist?

Having numerous staging and review apps running 24/7 can rack up costs at the end of the month, but chances are you only need a few running at a time. That’s why we made AutoIdle: to automatically turn off unnecessary apps and save you money.

How does it work?

When an app is inactive for 30 minutes, AutoIdle puts it to sleep. If the app later receives an HTTP request, the add-on automatically reactivates the app with the same dyno count and active processes present before the app went to sleep.

How to install?

Simply click “Install” to add AutoIdle to your app. That’s it! AutoIdle will then immediately put your inactive apps to sleep after 30 minutes of inactivity. No additional configuration needed.

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