Save up to 75% of your costs on your Heroku staging and review apps

AutoIdle automatically puts your staging and review apps to sleep when you don't need them.

Here’s how it works


When an app is inactive for 30 minutes, AutoIdle puts it to sleep. Without you lifting a finger.


If the app receives an HTTP request, AutoIdle reactivates it. With the same dyno count and active processes present.


See your Heroku bill shrink immediately. You’re only paying for the time you’re actively using the app.

AutoIdle is one of those great little apps that you activate and then just forget about it. It literally saves you a ton of money and lets you stop wasting resources.

Michael Koper - Founder of Nusii

On Heroku, every second costs.

When your staging and review apps run 24/7, you’re racking up costs month after month. But chances are, you don’t need every app all the time.

You will save a lot of your costs on Heroku

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Saving money with AutoIdle just takes a few clicks

1. Select a plan that matches your Heroku plan and click “Install Now.”

2. Choose the application that you want AutoIdle to put to sleep when it’s not needed.

3. That’s it! AutoIdle installs itself automatically. The small monthly fee will be added to your Heroku bill.

Now you can check your AutoIdle dashboard to see how much money you’re saving – in real time!

AutoIdle is an amazing add-on solving a real problem in a simple way without additional configuration, just install it. I highly recommend it!

Artur Trzop - Founder of

Over 300 organisations already saved over $3,000,000 with AutoIdle

Don't burn money - save now!


Which Heroku applications can I use AutoIdle on?

AutoIdle is designed for all staging and review apps. It also works for non-critical apps or applications in the background (that only other servers are using). You can add a custom domain and start your app without seeing an error on the first request. You’ll only have to wait a few seconds until AutoIdle has woken up your app.

What happens when I want to launch an app that’s currently sleeping?

Change your app’s domain to instead of to avoid any error messages.
You also have the option to add a custom domain in your AutoIdle dashboard.

How long does it take for an app to restart?

In only takes 5-10 seconds for AutoIdle to restart an app.

What will the AutoIdle dashboard tell me?

You’ll see at a glance how much money you’ve saved with AutoIdle. The dashboard also shows you:

  • The next auto stop planned for your apps
  • Which apps are currently running and asleep
  • The domain name to use to avoid the error message
  • The options to add a custom domain

How do I pay for AutoIdle?

The small AutoIdle fee is charged per app per month. It’s automatically added to your monthly Heroku bill. You don’t need to pay separately.

What if I want to stop using AutoIdle?

Canceling AutoIdle is as easy as deleting the add-on in Heroku. One click, and it’s done.